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Welcome to Réclamer

Around 4 years ago we launched a swimwear brand, designed to challenge the luxury market - producing beachwear that competed with the biggest brands in the industry.  The business was a success and our shorts have been worn by thousands of customers all over the world, including film stars, professional athletes and models. 

Despite this, we felt that the industry was hollow and lacked true transparency with its customers. Swim shorts were being sold for well in excess of £200 per pair. The main reason behind this is due to the margin needed for wholesale. Customers are not receiving products created from materials or processes that are anywhere near that costly. 

We reached a point where we decided something needed to change. Our shorts were always made from a sustainable material, using recycled plastic bottles to create a yarn that creates soft, quick-drying shorts, but we wanted to combine this with a cost that truly reflects the production costs of these luxury shorts. 

As a result we have re-branded the business to Réclamer - which loosely translated means 'to reclaim' and also features 'la mer' - the sea. 

We are producing the exact same quality shorts as before but in limited edition runs to keep the exclusiveness for you, our customers. They are priced at a price-point which is transparent and we are keen to really shake up what has become an extremely greedy industry! 

We thank you for your support so far and we're excited to move in to the next stage of our journey with you.